DU 03 au 06 JUIN 2021 

Tulipani di Seta Nera Festival


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FROM FEB 28, 2021 TO MAR 15, 2021

Pan African Film Festival PAFF 2021


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FROM 01 DEC 2020  AS AT DEC 31, 2020

2020  London lift off festival  official  competition  

Hello everyone !

A little reminder to view the film "  HARRAG ”.

Here are the different steps to perform:


1- Click on this link: https://liftoff.network/london-lift-off-film-festival/


2- Toggle down and click on London lift off festival 2020 program


3- Go to the bottom of the page where you will find the category "  TREDNSETTER FEAUTES or the film HARRAG is in competition


NB: To view the films you must have a ticket

Thank you for your contribution

 HARRAG + Laurel.jpg